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JDBC NetServerTM

JDBC NetServerTM: Easily access multiple databases with client-side Java applets.

SQmlTM-Web: Create dynamic HTML pages on-the-fly by leveraging database information.

SQmlTM-Publisher: Publish large and complex documents in minutes utilizing database information.

Agave's family of powerful, robust and secure software tools make it easy for companies of all sizes to interactively publish data from existing SQL databases on the Internet, corporate Intranets or other wide-area networks. Agave database connectivity products are designed for enterprise information professionals. They operate flawlessly in NT or UNIX environments, support multiple queries and use sophisticated caching routines to conserve bandwidth.

Our goal is to simplify database access using an interface that is independent of proprietary connectivity mechanisms. Our products support open standards such as CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), providing your company with powerful, easy to implement connectivity alternatives that are far superior to anything else on the market today. Now, instead of spending weeks writing hundreds of lines of custom code to embed database connectivity into your applications, you can provide full access to database information in just a few hours.

With JDBC NetServerTM, SQmlTM-Web and SQmlTM-Publisher there is no need to learn a new scripting language. JDBC NetServerTM is written in Java and follows Java Database Connectivity Standards (JDBC). SQmlTM-Web only requires you to learn a handful of new HTML tags. And SQmlTM-Publisher conforms to all SGML specifications and standards. These powerful connectivity tools provide easy desktop access to multiple databases using standard SQL statements you can cut and paste into any HTML document. You get the benefit of complete database and platform independence, while providing employees, customers and prospects with immediate desktop access to the information they need most.

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