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Agave Hire is a modern hiring platform to help you hire the best talent.

Our platform helps you source, attract, engage, nurture, and close job applicants so you can hit your hiring goals.


Source everywhere, track in one place.

Use our Chrome Extension to source candidates from passive platforms, such as LinkedIn, Github, and Stack Overflow. Reach out directly through the extension. Track them from Agave Hire.

Candidate CRM

Full-featured candidate CRM.

Add feedback, notes, @mentions, set granular permissions and visibility, sync e-mails, and more with our full-featured suite of CRM tools.

Jobs page

Effortlessly collect resumes and stay compliant with hosted jobs page.

Add job postings to receive applications. Comes with EEO and GDPR support to help your company stay in legal compliance with hiring laws.


Track your pipeline health with reports.

Analyze the health of your various hiring efforts with granular filters, candidate statistics, and job listing reports.


Schedule interviews effortlessly.

Effortlessly schedule your interviews with candidates through our built-in scheduling system. Automatically notify candidates by email.


A new way to extend an offer. Designed by employees, not lawyers.

Granular control lets you be transparent with a new type of offer letter that helps candidates fully understand the value behind your offer. Don't compete with other companies on just salary.

API & Integrations

Rich API support to help you build out your own custom integrations.

We give you full read and write access to all of your data, and now you can access it easily with API keys generated to provide to do things like build custom integrations with 3rd party apps.