Agave is the modern self-service hiring platform.

Pay only for what you use

Today's leading Applicant Tracking Systems are too expensive for startups and SMBs, often starting out at $6,000 per year with lock-in.

We're free for teams of 3 or smaller, then we start at $10/month per admin. Get the same features compared to the leading ATS products costing over $20,000 per year.


No lengthy legal contracts or sales people to talk to. You can setup everything on your own, including your pipelines and job pages.

No annual lock-in

Try us out free and switch whenever you'd like. We give you full access to your data and we don't charge extra for it.

Hosted jobs page

We host your job page and allow you to receive resumes, plus we help you stay in compliance with the law by including GDPR and EEO compliance.

Source & close faster

Use our Chrome extension to source passive candidates from LinkedIn, and use our offer generator when you're ready to make that key hire.

Streamlined tools

Streamline your AngelList + Spreadsheets + Airtable + email + Slack workflow into a single tool. Manage and customize your entire pipeline in one place. 2-way Gmail sync means you don't have to switch tabs.

Use other built-in collaborative tools like @mentions, feedback forms, interview scheduler, and notes.

Easily schedule interviews

We integrate with your Google Calendar so we'll only show when other interviewers and conference rooms are available, and they'll be notified automatically when they're supposed to show up.

We work across multiple offices, departments, and timezones. We'll also show you conference room availability.

Scales with you

Whether you hire 1 or 1,000 employees, we'll scale with your organization with flexible user roles, full API access, and reporting capabilities (coming soon).