We can't sell you tequila, but we can help you craft a better experience for your interview candidates.
Our Mission

Deliver the best candidate experience.

At Agave, we help companies build world-class teams by creating tools to save time, automate processes, and deliver better interview experiences.


  • Jared Tame

    Co-founder, CEO

    Before Agave.com, Jared started GraffitiGeo (Y Combinator S09) which was acquired by Loopt. He co-founded Bloc - the first and now largest online developer bootcamp - in 2012.

    He spent 4 years at a hypergrowth startup leading hiring efforts and helped build their engineering team (read more here).

  • Ryan Amos

    Co-founder, CTO

    Before Agave.com, Ryan started Dailybooth (Y Combinator S09) where he met Jared. Dailybooth was acquired by Airbnb.